This is one industry that carries the potential of ‘jet-age’ and relies on ‘jet-speed’ – literally! Yes, we are talking about the airlines industry that juxtaposes technology and hospitality to connect people and countries together and continues to be one of the most competitive fields in the world. Airlines companies engaged in operating international; national; regional and cargo flights have to face so many challenges like keeping competition at bay; meeting the escalating expenses and at the same time providing enough cost – effective incentives that will keep the customers happy. It is easy to read about these challenges, but it is so very difficult to meet them. ‘Flying high’, is truly not an easy task!


Since every stage of the airlines industry relies on technology and airline companies, it is imperative for  them to have access to such modules and programmes that ‘combines deep airline market expertise with industry-leading technology’. They have to study the market; read what the competitors are doing and conduct researches on a daily basis to find out which technology will enable them to offer the value-for-money and value-added services to the customers and also reduce the pressure of high costs at their end.


And this is exactly where Oracle Airlines Data Model (OADM) comes in!


About OADMOracle Airlines Data Model is a standards-based, pre-built approach to airline data warehousing enabling an airline company to become more efficient; improve its services and maximize profits. Oracle Airlines Data Model reduces costs for both immediate and on-going operations by leveraging out-of-box Oracle based Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions, making world-class database and business intelligence technology solutions available with an airline business specific data model.


Oracle Airlines Data Model offers a single-vendor solution package that is tightly integrated with the business intelligence platform. With pre-built data mining, Oracle Online Analytical Processing (Oracle OLAP) and dimensional models, Oracle Airlines Data Model provides industry-specific metrics and insights that enable the airline company to offer the best to its customers and also reduce the total cost of ownership. Moreover, Oracle Airlines Data Model provides an off-the-shelf data warehouse framework that is both adaptable and extendable. It is perfectly aligned with the airline industry standards, thereby ensuring interoperability with other systems.


Yet another key feature of OADM is that since it is a logical and data model, the implementation of this facilitates the airlines companies to store, manage and analyse airline data that at present is exists in the passenger data system.






·         Industry standards compliant

·         Physical Data model with 370+ Tables and 8500+ columns

·         Industry specific Measures (250+)

·         3rd Normal Form (3NF) Logical Data Model with transaction level access

·         Pre-built OLAP Cubes

·         Pre-built Data Mining Models

·         Intra-ETL Database Packages

·         Metadata Browser with Refresh feature

·         Interface Tables

·         Sample Reports & Dashboards

·         Comprehensive Metadata for Business Intelligence Reporting & Ad-hoc Query

·         Industry Specific Advanced and Predictive Analytics

·         Automated Data Movement from 3NF to OLAP, Mining and Dimensional models.




·         Designed and optimized for Oracle data warehouses, including Oracle Exadata

·         Can work with any Airline Application Environment 

·         Easy to extend and customize- avoids ’Build from Scratch’ Data Warehouse

           ·         Expeditious data warehouse implementation with pre-built components and embedded data warehousing best practices for retailers

           ·         Vanilla Implementation < 90 days