We are living in an age where communication has turned the world into a global village and also changed the way we live. While each new day welcomes new changes in the field of technology per se; developments in the field of telecommunication have revolutionised the manner in which we stay connected.  Now, if that isn’t ‘smart’, then what is?  


Truly, the field of telecommunication is redefining our lives; countries, societies and even economies. And it is not difficult to fathom just how very competitive this field is. The tussle between the service providers to offer the best to their customers is an ongoing battle after all! And why not? After all, plans; products; modules and even handsets that are creating waves at this very hour are fading into the twilight within months. In such a scenario, companies have no choice but to engage in constant ideation and innovation in order to stay ahead in the competition.


Thus, telecom companies have their work cut-out for them and this is where Oracle Communication Data Model (OCDM) comes to their aid as it allows the clients to not only stay informed, but also to use this information to come up with a business model that works wonders. 

ABOUT OCDM: Oracle Communication Data Model (OCDM) empowers those engaged in the field of telecommunication by providing them with information – information that, in turn, enables them to take sound business decisions and gives them that extra edge over their competitors. Truly, information is power and OCDM proves that to the hilt.


The advantage of OCDM is that it provides standard-based, pre-built approach to telecom data warehousing allowing the telecom companies to realize their own dormant power and developing their own insights that makes them resourceful; proactive and give them that push to discover their own X-factor. It also gives the telecom companies the much-coveted ‘real-time ‘speed-to-value’ boost in Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing implantation.


Besides this, OCDM reduces the implementation, technology and third party costs for both immediate and on-going operations by leveraging the OCDM’s pre-built industry standard analytics reports, pre-built ETL, intra ETL, pre-built 20+ OALP cubes and 6+ mining models.





·         Enterprise wide data model for communications industry: Over 1,500 tables and 30,000 columns; Over 1,000 industry measures and      KPIs; TMF SID conformance aligned


·         Prebuilt mining models, OLAP cubes


·         Automatic data movement across


·         Easily extensible and customizable


·         Usable within any source application