Oracle’s On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) is implemented within an Oracle database environment and it is regarded as world-class multidimensional analytic engine embedded in Oracle Database 11g Release 2. It leverages Oracle Database security, manageability, scalability and availability infrastructure and allows centralized management of data and business rules in a secure, scalable; embedded; manageable; enterprise-ready platform.

One of the unique benefits of Oracle OLAP is that it uses cubes that deliver sophisticated calculations using simple SQL queries - producing results in record time and facilitates the production of analytic measures, including time-series calculations, financial models, forecasts, allocations, regressions, and so on. A single OLAP cube benefits multiple applications by simultaneously providing several access paths. In short, Oracle OLAP is especially designed to provide excellent query performance, fast incremental updates of data sets, efficient management of summary data and rich analytic content. OLAP comes with Analytic Workspace Manager that is a graphical administrative tool that is designed specifically to manage OLAP cubes and dimensions.


From a total cost of ownership perspective, Oracle OLAP represents an incremental investment in the Oracle Database you already own. Oracle OLAP does not require separate server computers. It allows you to leverage your current capital and intellectual investment and to continue to use your existing SQL-based applications. Using Oracle OLAP enables these applications to simply become smarter and faster.


Oracle OLAP is built on a technology that enhances the performance layer of the data warehouse. Microsoft Excel PivotTables and MDX-Based Tools can also be used with Oracle Cubes; OLAP facilitates summary management solution with Cube-Organized Materialized Views.


eBIW has met with considerable success in the implementation of OLAP is various locations across the globe.



·         World class analytic engine

·         Superior query performance

·         Simple SQL access to advanced analytics

·         Enhanced summary management with Cube-organized materialized views

·         Leverages Oracle Database security, manageability, scalability and availability infrastructure