Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things and cloud computing. Industry 4.0 intervention in manufacturing ,is called a “Smart Factory".
What does this mean to the manufacturing industry?
These disruptive technologies can be leveraged by manufacturers to reduce inventory ,defects, rework, scrap, cost and improve yields and manufacturing cycle times and get real time knowledge and insights to act upon .
Enterprises need to use a “data driven” approach and look at the data with a “new vision” to realize significant cost savings and achieve greater operational excellence thereby making them more agile and competitive in the industry.
Ebiw can address every aspect of your business. with simple, and innovative real-time analytics facilitating actionable insights into every aspect of your manufacturing activities

How it works - A suggestive architecture


What Ebiw & Harper Db can do for you

-Study your manufacturing process for best fit and deployment consultancy.

-Built a data lake with all the transactional and real time work floor data.

-Rapid Deployment by quickly interfacing with your SQL and NoSQL data.

-Keep up with the rapid changes in your production environment with vertical and horizontal scalability.

– Simple  interfaces allow your team to rapidly change your monitoring and analysis engine to meet the dynamic needs of the business

-Real-time Insights into your Shop Floor by Collecting real time sensor data, support real time decisions and send immediate alerts when issues occur – and then log all of this data to the cloud .

– Can ensure  data is available anywhere on the cloud or on-premise at anytime through  REST API or native drivers all in real-time. 

-Optimize Equipment Uptime by collecting  data from all of your manufacturing and utility  equipment in real time.  Keep the process running with minimum downtime with real time monitoring, configurable alerts and historical analytics  there by optimizing  uptime and reduction in maintenance cost.

-Make your data more intelligent by controlling where it lives.

-Your user can use various BI tools to leverage the data mart for Analysis and predictive intelligence.

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