Public Sector/Smart city

Ebiw can assist MSI s/Consultants in the area of Consulting ,Implementation ,Infrastructure development ,Process assessment and analysis and finally support managed services of Smart City Projects . We have successfully supported MSI in Varanasi Smart City Project. Ebiw through its own and partnership network have 15 years plus experience in these domain.

Ebiw with its expert team with proven implementation experience in Smart City and allied projects can be a valuable partner in the following areas -


Evaluation and Response of RFP documents

-Preparation of BOQ, BOM for the smart City Projects

-Survey, Planning, Design of the DC/DR Network Architect

-Survey, Planning and Designing of Smart Light system

-Survey, Planning and Designing of Network connectivity & bandwidth planning considering highest level resilience. Rack & HW Installation and Commissioning



Implementation, Configuration & Integration of the Entire DC, DR Setup

IT LAN and Backup Power plant readiness

MPLS & ILL Network readiness for E2E connectivity for all services

Hosting, Testing and Troubleshooting of all Applications as per customer requirements

Co-ordination for connectivity testing at DC/DR from Network Service Provider

OFC Ring implementation through Vendor Follow-up

Site Level connectivity Establishment in Discussion with ISP Partners

Follow up with OEM for adaptive traffic management (ATCS), Red Light Violation Detection camera(RLVD)&  Automatic number plate Recognition( ANPR) camera installation, commissioning and integration with DC/DR for live feed and live monitoring.


Infrastructure development in Data Center

Layout development and design with implementation

•Precision air cooling for Data Center

•Access Control for Data Center

•CCTV Surveillance system for Data center

•Power System provisioning

•Cabling system

•Fire  protection system for data center

•Passive Infrastructure readiness for Data Center

Process development and analysis of all the above system for effective monitoring. Please contact us for full details and Ebiw will be happy to assist .

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