Case Studies – Transportation Implementation




Etrans Solutions PVT LTD, Kolkata

Details of Customer

eTrans Solutions Private Limited has been in the business of providing Vehicle Tracking Solutions to major corporate Shippers and Transporters since 2000. Set up in August 2000, eTrans Solutions has focused on providing cost-effective & user-friendly solutions which has been tailor-made for Indian conditions.


  • Lack of network and edge decision making capability. 
  • Want to optimize routes, improve efficiency, and track driver performance and security. 


  • HarperDB deployed on micro-computers inside the truck that tracked GPS location, idle time and route.  Real-time notifications were sent when driver was idling for too long, or more than a configured distance off route. 

EBIW Offers

  • Real time notifications
  • Real time reporting
  • Business intelligence in real time basis
  • Real time package tracking
  • Predictive routing analysis
  • Facing recognition analysis