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Generative AI

Unleashing Creativity and Efficiency in the Digital Era using LLM

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a groundbreaking class of artificial intelligence that excels in creating new, original content — from text to visuals, audio to code, and even video using Large Language Model (LLM). It is a domain that was once considered the exclusive realm of human expertise has now been mastered by EBIW. Today, generative AI is poised to enhance human creativity, bringing contextual awareness and decision-making that mimics our own cognition into the heart of enterprise workflows. Read more

Is Data Management Too Exhausting?
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We help your organization make more informed, data-driven decisions.
Deep Expertise in DW, BI, & Analytics
Global Delivery Capability
Implementation Flexibility
End-to-End Integration Experience

Let Your Business Succeed

We at EBIW assist you with such capabilities to help your business to utilize data for a competitive advantage. With more than three decades of experience in Data Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Integration, we can ensure the best data-driven solutions for your company.

Why EBIW ? Your partner for Growth and Success

We don’t just detect technical issues and remediate; we focus on our clients; we continue to better understand your business and help improve for competitive advantage.

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Business Perspective

We help our customers transform their organization information into a strategic asset while leveraging  information to help our customers make the right decisions to gain competitive advantage.

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Proven Track Record

We are trusted Advisors with a proven track record of serving Top Telecom, Airlines and Retails and help solve complex problems


Expertise in DW,BI & Analytics

We expertise in setting-up ON-shore Off-Shore Technology infrastructure to address current and future challenges, focusing not only on the present problem but also forecasting for the time to come!

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End-to-End Integration Experience

We help orchestrate a vision and plan to identify and mitigate risk for an end-to-end integrated and valued customer experience

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Accelerators to Jump start your project

We provide proven Industry leading methodology and Cloud Acceleration to jump start any project and

provide business value, faster!

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Implementing Flexibility

We provide multiple options in terms of Cloud v/s On-premise, implementing flexibilty to chose the perfect fit per your business needs.

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Competent and driven

We are a customer-obsessed, business outcome driven company dedicated to ensuring that our hard work creates solid and measurable value for our customers.

Delivering the Best through the Best

Our Data Scientists are expert practitioners supported by over three decades of successful product development, consulting, and solution delivery for leading businesses across the globe.-Our experts innovate and deliver solutions leveraging the latest approaches for Data Mesh, Data Warehousing and Data Lakes, Big Data Analytics, Predictive Intelligence, and IOT-based solutions for our customers, on-premise or in the cloud of their choice.

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Valuable Feedback from our Valued Clients

A positive response from our clients is always a pleasure to hear. Here are a few of our happy clients

The project has been satisfactorily completed and becomes operational in record time of 18 weeks dated December 06, 2014. The resources of EBIW are Knowledgeable and hardworking, thus helps us to complete the project under the boundary of cost and time. We also involved EBIW resources for Current and Upcoming Business Intelligence project to enhance OCDM analytics.


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