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Ebiw later become the implementation partner for OADM with Oracle. EBIW has deep domain knowledge of Airlines Industry specially Passenger 360 degree, various GDS systems, check in, Booking, Agent Fraud Detection and flight Inventory and Flight Management. EBIW implemented OADM in partnership with NIIT at Aer Lingus, Ireland (Data Modelling), POC done with Oracle, Indonesia for Garuda, Indonesia. Engaged by Oracle, Singapore for implementation of OADM for AirAsia as Senior Advisor.

Provide consulting expertise to system integrators, delivery partners and direct clients to ensure successful deployment.

Provide high quality services using state of the art tools and technologies to clients, leveraging the competitive advantages of the off-shoring services model.

Develop industry-leading solutions that exploit the use of advanced analytics to solve complex business problems including Big Data Acquisition, Organization and Analytics

AirOBics is designed for low-cost airlines which provides 120+ KPIs and more than 250+ reports. It covers all the business areas like: Booking, Check-in, Inventory, Revenue, Cost, Flight Performance, Cargo, Baggage, Call Center and Irregular Operations. All reports having summary dashboard which will gives a basic idea about KPIs and Irregular operation dashboard shows: Non-boarded passengers, Lost baggage, crew information and weather details.

Global experience with Airlines addressing key challenges such as:

Customer and Loyalty Management

Baggage Handling

Revenue / Cost Management

Global experience with Airlines addressing key challenges such as:

Logical & Physical Data Models, DB Schema Development

Reports and Dashboards Development –

  • Batch processing
  • Real-time data streaming

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